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Let’s talk about Mediarej LTTA days in Novigrad

Mediarej first training of trainers in Restorative Justice gathered around 30 international experts in mediation and restorative justice in the city of Novigrad, Croatia.

During 5 days the piloting activities developed by project consortium were tested in different workshops and seminars.

Thank you everyone for your time and for sharing your experience, and special thanks to our hosts Muzej-Museo Lapidarium.

First Day

Mediarej First LTTA has finally taken off

We meet an extraordinary group of experts in Restorative justice and mediation who gathered in some inspiring activities.

LTTA day 2

On day 2 of our Trainin of Trainers in Mediation and Restorative Justice we have discussed and learnt about RJ thanks to European Forum for Restorative Justice.
We also have learnt how to organise and perform an Empatic Listening workshop and finally debated on Mental Health, prisons and the role that Restorative Justice has for reintegration and Social Justice.
Thanks to all the participants for an empowering and super interesting day!

LTTA Day 3

Mediarej LTTA day three has been dedicated to organising a simulation of first contact with a conflicting part.
In the evening, guest speaker Goran Božičević has talked about his experience as a mediator in armed conflicts and about the value of mediation as a life attitude.

Again, thanks for an amazing and inspiring day!

Great thanks to all participants and partners.




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